To operate an effective addiction recovery program, the staff must be a good mixture of former addicts and those who have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol.  At Project Rescue, we enjoy this good mixture!  All of our ministers who interact with the program members understand the mind of an addict, and they know all the games they play.  Our business managers have vast experience in the business world.  

Management Team: Ray Solley, Joe Drake and Cecil GreenOur Executive Committee, Ray Solley, Joe Drake and Cecil Green make the decisions regarding our finances, facilities, vehicles, and other business matters.  They meet bi-weekly with Charles Baggett , Ronnie Crocker and Jeanie Crocker, to discuss financial matters, construction projects, maintenance matters, and the program members.

Charles and Martha

Charles Baggett (on left) served as the chaplain of Limestone Correctional, the largest prison in Alabama, for over 20 years.

Martha & Charles are co-servants at Project Rescue.

Ronnie Crocker spent 15 year of his life addicted to drugs.  He has ministered to addicts and alcoholics for 29 years.

Ronnie & Jeanie serve side by side in this mission field in our own backyard!

The Baggetts and Crockers have labored tirelessly for years to help the downtrodden and those struggling under the burden of addictions. In 2009 and 2010, Charles & Martha made several trips to Waycross, Georgia, to visit Ronnie & Jeanie at Project Rescue. The next year (January/2011), the Baggetts and Crockers joined forces to establish Project Rescue in Priceville, Alabama.

Charles now serves as the Chairman of The Board of Directors.  He also works on intake when a new member arrives.  Charles also teaches classes and meets 1-on-1 with our members.

Charles and Martha manage our Food Program and the cafeteria.  

Ronnie serves as the Program Manager.  Jeanie serves as our Bookkeeper, etc. 

Jeanie Crocker

Jeanie Crocker serves as the Project Rescue bookkeeper.    In addition to her general bookkeeping duties, Jeanie also serves as the personal bookkeeper for the program members. New Project Rescue members are not allowed to have cash in their possession. They are required to turn their paychecks over to Project Rescue. Jeanie records each deposit. Their wants and needs are purchased for them. Their bills are paid out of their Project Rescue account. Jeanie carries out the enormous daily task of recording each transaction for each man!  Jeanie and Kim also enjoy the task of "mothering the men!" Birthdays are celebrated every month. Holiday events are also carried out by Jeanie and Kim.

Kim Johnson is a Nurse Practitioner.  She dispenses medicine to the men as prescribed. She also  gives medical advice to he men.  Kim also helps Jeanie with interior decorating and with 'mothering' the men!  Kim has a bachelor’s Degree in Bible from Freed-Hardeman University.

Jason Cagle

Jason Cagle serves as our Member Manager.

He lives onsite. 

Jason stays out among the men from 11am to 9pm. 

He works hard to keep drugs and alcohol off of our property.

Jason is also a great encourager. 

Jason is a 1-year graduate of Project Rescue. He has lived onsite for about 4 years!

John Priola is a Gospel Preacher.

He meets 1-on-1 with 2 to 6 men every day, Monday thru Friday.

He is showing them how to study God's Word.

He teaches them spiritual principles, that will help them overcome their addiction.  

Zach Barrett is a 1-Year graduate of Project Rescue.

He is attending Heritage University to earn a degree in Bible and counseling.

He frequently visits to teach classes and meet 1-on-1 with our members.