The Baggetts and Crockers have labored tirelessly for years to help the downtrodden and those struggling under the burden of addictions.  In 2009 and 2010, Charles & Martha made several trips to Waycross, Georgia, to visit Ronnie & Jeanie at Project Rescue. The next year (January/2011), the Baggetts and Crockers joined forces to establish Project Rescue in Priceville, Alabama.  

Charles now serves as the Chairman Of The Board Of Directors and Ronnie serves as the Program Manager. 

 Click on this link to view some video clips about Ronnie's experience.

Jeanie Crocker serves as the Project Rescue bookkeeper.

In addition to her general bookkeeping duties, Jeanie also serves as the personal bookkeeper for 15 to 23 men.  Project Rescue members are not allowed to have cash in their possession.  They are required to turn their paychecks over to Project Rescue.  Jeanie records each deposit.  Their wants and needs are purchased for them.  Their bills are paid out of their Project Rescue account.  Jeanie carries out the enormous daily task of recording each transaction for each man! 

Kim Johnson has served as our onsite RN since 2007.

Kim also helps Jeanie with interior decorating and with 'mothering' the men!


Jason Cagle serves as our Evening Assistant Program Manager.  He lives onsite next to the dorm.  He works hard to keep drugs and alcohol off of our property.   Jason is also a great encourager.


Roger Jackson serves as our Bible Teacher. He meets 1-on-1 with five to seven men a day, teaching them how to use the Bible. 

Ron Parker is serving as our Day Manager.  He is teaching the New Life Behavior "A Sense of Self."

Paul Martin teaches a Bible class on Tuesday and Friday evenings.  He conducts a meditation class on Saturdays.  Paul also ministers to the men 1-on-1.

Wayne Speegle teaches a Bible class on Monday evenings.  Wayne and Angie are great encouragers to the men.  They frequently invite the men over for a meal and great fellowship!

Dale Hubbert teaches our Tuesday night Bible class.