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Project Rescue Inc.


Project Rescue was established in 1989 in Florida, when Ronnie Crocker was released from prison.  At this time Ronnie and Jeanie visited prisons, jails and mental hospitals to minister to struggling addicts.


Project Rescue Inc. became a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation registered with the IRS (EIN #41-2247638) in 2007.  Ronnie Crocker was the President, Jeanie Crocker was the Vice President and Kim Johnson was the Secretary.


In 2007 we used our own funds to purchase our first facility in Georgia.  Then, in four years, we grew to having a duplex, four-plex and eight-plex apartment buildings.


In 2011, Project Rescue moved to Decatur, Alabama and the Crockers joined forces with the Baggetts.


In addition to our non-profit 501(c)3 IRS (EIN #41-2247638) status, in 2011, Project Rescue Inc. became a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Alabama (Entity ID # 003-701).


Project Rescue Inc. is located at 179 Cave Spring Road, Decatur, Alabama.  Our phone number is 256-616-1522.


We have 13 Board of Directors:  Charles Baggett (Chairman), Grant Azbel, Siegfried Bill, William Dean, Cecil Green, Johnny Hope, Tom Irwin, Keith Rigoni, Ray Solley, Dustin Sutton, Alan Watkins,  and Doyle Whitlow.


Our Board of Directors have appointed and authorized an Executive Committee (Joe Drake, Cecil Green and Ray Solley) to oversee the daily operation of the Project Rescue program, property and facilities.


Ronnie Crocker is the Program Manager.


Jeanie Crocker is our Bookkeeper and Secretary.


Nurse Practitioner Kim Johnson volunteers to dispense medicine as it is prescribed by doctors.


Beau Nelson is the Day Manager.


Jason Cagle is the Night manager.


Roger Jackson and Caleb Cunningham serve as our ministers.


Charles and Margaret manage the kitchen and cafeteria.


Dora Hurt is our cook.


Phillip Skates serves our many needs.