Project Rescue’s objective is for our members to achieve stabilization, self-control, assimilation, and self-preservation.  

1. We use the first 30 to 90 days to help each man achieve mental & emotional stabilization.

2. We require that he learns and begins to apply the spiritual principles (Bible & 12 Steps) that will equip him to abstain from alcohol & drugs.

3. After each man is stabilized, we help him assimilate back into society by helping him find a job he likes where he can earn a good living.

One objective is for our members to have a strong relationship with God and become involved in the fellowship and work of the church.

Another goal is for each member to become financially independent of his family, driving his own vehicle and providing for his own needs.



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We ask all prospective contributors to feel free to request our IRS Form-990 records for 2016 and/or a detailed review of our monthly income & expense records. 

 Please call 256-345-3065 or email to make an appointment to tour our facilities, meet the staff onsite, and see the daily operation of our recovery program.

Please visit our website at  It is designed for the man who needs help, his family, and anyone interested in a solution for the addiction crisis.



The typical drug addict is indigent and estranged from his family.  Therefore, we are seeking corporations, businesses, organizations, and individuals to contribute to the Project Rescue Scholarship Fund.

This fund would provide for the member’s first 3 months in the program.  Then, when he is stabilized, he will work to support himself in the program for months 4 through 12.


Project Rescue Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation registered with the IRS (EIN #41-2247638), therefore all contributions are tax deductible.

Please make your check out to Project Rescue and send it to 179 Cave Spring Road, Decatur, AL 35603.

You can also donate through the PayPal portal below using your credit or debit card.  A PayPal account is not required to make a donation.  Your contribution will be put to good use helping souls struggling with addictions!




We also need financial support to expand our facilities and  hire additional mentors & managers, so we can house and feed more men struggling with addiction.