Bill & Gerry Nicks’ Lineages


Bill’s spiritual lineage goes all the way back to the restoration movement!  Members of the Nicks family participated in a significant way at the beginning of The Restoration Movement in Tennessee. William Nicks and Absalom Doak Nicks were among Bill’s relatives who preached for the same church around the same time as Barton W. Stone and Tolbert Fanning!

Here is an excerpt from Chapter VI of The History of Hickman County, Tennessee (1900) by W. Jerome D. Spence and David L. Spence:

… Here near Shady Grove, at what is known as “The Stand,” this church was first established in Hickman County about 1820, and here was held their last camp meeting in 1834.  In addition to its being the first in the county, it was among the first in the State.  Barton W. Stone preached here during the twenties, and the celebrated Tolbert Fanning preached here at a later date.  Nathaniel Kellum, William Nicks, and John Hooten, of this church, preached here as early as 1825 . . .    William Nicks was the father of seventeen children, one of whom is the venerable Elder John Nicks, the well-known preacher, who now lives in the 1st District.  John Nicks was born in the 3rd District on April 2, 1829.  Another Nicks who preached at “The Stand,” at a later date, however, was Absalom Doak Nicks, Jr., son of Absalom Doak Nicks, Sr.  Absalom Nicks, Sr., was a brother of William Nicks, and was born in North Carolina on March 6, 1794, and died in Arkansas in 1848.  He married Hester Perry, who was born in South Carolina on October 8, 1788, and died at Williamsport, Maury County, in July, 1858.  Absalom Nicks, Jr., was born on Mill Creek, in the 5th District, on July 19, 1826.  In 1845 he married Margaret Blocker, who was born near Williamsport on July 10, 1829.  His chances for obtaining an education were limited, but by home study he stored his active and retentive mind with much valuable information.  He was close student of the Bible, and it is said that while at work in his blacksmith shop he had this first of all books so placed that he could read while at work.  He moved to Dickson County, and there made a record of which any man might feel proud.  At the close of the Civil War, when it became necessary to reorganize the State government, Governor Brownlow, in appointing Representatives from the disloyal counties, appointed Nicks, a conservative Union man, to represent Dickson County.  He accepted the appointment, which came without solicitation; but when he entered into the discharge of his duties, he voted as he pleased and according to his ideas of justice and honesty.  This did not meet with the approval of his partisan associates, and they preferred charges of disloyalty against him and declared his seat vacant.  The elective franchise having been restored to the people of Dickson County, they elected him to fill the vacancy.  He so satisfied his people that he was tendered a re-election.  This he declined.  He now lives in the 4th District of Hickman County.

Chapter VI

The History of Hickman County, Tennessee (1900)

by W. Jerome D. Spence and David L. Spence


The Lineage Of Bill Nicks


Bill’s great-great-great-grandparents, Absalom Doak Nicks, Sr. (1794-1848) married (1814) Hester Perry (1788-1858)


Bill’s great-great-grandparents, Perry Nicks (1816-1863) married (1838) Rebecca Davis (1818-?)


Bill’s great-grandparents, William Asbury Nicks (1841-1899) married (1871) Hester E. Davis (1847-1876)


Bill’s grandparents, William Asbury Nicks (1841-1899) married (1877) Margaret Ann Martin (1859-1946)


William A. & Margaret Ann Nicks family

William & Margaret Ann Nicks

Top row from left – Henry, Mary & Bob

Bottom row from left – Iva, Clara & Tommy



Bill’s parents, Thomas Asbury Nicks (1887-1956) married (1913) to Mayme Dee Clark ((1895-1969)



John William Nicks (1919) married (1943) Geraldine May Petty (1924)


The Lineage Of Gerry Petty Nicks


John M. Lockhart (1799) married (1829) Nancy ? (1803)


John Lockhart (1833) married Elizabeth A.  (1833)


Elisha Petty (1819-1900) married (1847) ?


Prestly Petty (1852-?) married (1877) Hattie ? (1857-?)


Monroe Lockhart (1855) married (1900) Sarah Elizabeth Michaels


Sarepta Jane Michaels, Lottie Petty’s mother’s mother

 Gerry’s great grandmother on her mother’s s



Lottie May Lockhart (1902-1991) married Joseph Petty (1897-1973)

Gerry’s parents, Joseph & Lottie May Petty

They were divorced when Gerry was a baby.

Geraldine May (Gerry) Petty (1924) married (1943) John William (Bill) Nicks (1919)



The Lineage Of Bill & Gerry Nicks



Rebecca Ruth Nicks (1945-2004) married (1967) to Jerry Gross (1943-2004)


Melody Louise (1968) married (2002) to Dave Vielbig

Sarah Louise Vielbig (2003)


Waymon William (Bill) Gross has remained unmarried.



Betty Jean Nicks (1948) married (2002) to Ronald Gilbert Crocker (1952)




Jeanie’s daughter Kimberly Sue (1968) married Lee Thomas Johnson (now deceased) in 1992.

Kim & Lee’s daughter Marlee Janine Johnson (1994)



Jeanie’s daughter Dawn Michelle (1972) married Jeremy Brooks Harrison in 1994.

Dawn & Jeremy’s daughter Amelia May (Millie) Harrison (1998)

Dawn & Jeremy’s daughter  Margaret Ann (Maggie)Harrison (2000)

Dawn & Jeremy’s son Isaac Mitchell Harrison (2003)



Mary Sue Nicks (1949) married (1969) to John Parsons (1947)

Jay William Parsons (1971)