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a work of the churches of Christ

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Ronnie's Story                                                  

Dear brethren,
After my presentation at the Maywood Camp Missionary Retreat, on how addiction is impacting the churches of Christ, Betty Choate and others suggested that I make the same presentation to congregations of the Lord's church throughout the country.
Several mentioned that they would like for me to speak at their congregation.
Therefore, when I returned home, I put together a plan for me to visit one  congregation each month.  The objective will be to shine a spotlight on this American mission field.
You can read about my journey into and out of addiction by clicking on the button - Ronnie's Story. 
I will appreciate any help you could provide in setting up these monthly appointments.
I look forward to hearing from you.
In His service,
Ronnie Crocker
915 Baltimore Avenue
Waycross, Georgia  31501


Ronnie Crocker
(912) 816-0518 cell
(912) 283-3727 home