Three months in-house/Nine months outpatient


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To prevent relapse, the recovering addict must learn to experience and enjoy life without being intoxicated.


1. This period begins when the member completes 90 days in the program alcohol and drug free.


2.  At this time, he returns home to continue 9 months on outpatient.


3.  To prevent relapse on outpatient, for his first three months, he is required to attend nightly classes and meetings, Monday thru Friday.  The member who lives in our area will attend PR classes.  Members who live outside of our area, will attend our meeting through Skype, FaceTime, AA meetings and meet weekly with his minister.  After three months, the number of meetings required will be reduced.


4.  At this time, he either returns to his job or begins to look for one.  Hopefully, he finds a job he likes that will lead him to financial independence.  This prevents relapse by enhancing his hope.


5. He is encouraged to take responsibility for his own care and pay his own bills.  This raises his self-esteem.


6. During this time he might be able to have his own vehicle to drive to and from work.  


7.  He will be under a curfew set by his family. 


5.  He is not allowed to spend the night out without permission from his family.  

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