Three months in-house/Nine months outpatient

Stabilization is a period to keep the man safe from harming himself with alcohol and drugs, while his brain heals.


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The recovering addict must learn, receive and follow a set of spiritual principles, to break his cycle of relapse!


1. He begins his Spiritual Principles classes and 1-on-1 counseling sessions on the second day.  This prevents relapse by diminishing his harmful desires to get drunk or high, and by giving his brain time to heal.  


2. This is a time for him to connect or reconnect with God.


3. This period lasts for 90 days.


4. This is a time of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental stabilization.  


5. The amount of freedom a member enjoys in the stabilization period is determined by the degree of spiritual, mental and emotional stability he has attained.  He is also building up trust with the managers during this period.    


6. He is allowed to do what we call inside-work (for people we know and trust) during this period.


7. This is also a time for him to see a doctor to address his physical and emotional needs.

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