Reconciliation with God, family and society is a process we begin when he arrives. 


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To break the cycle of relapse, the members first 3 months is intense.  


1. Our first objective is to extract the addicted man from his negative environment (from anywhere in the US) and insert him into a positive environment with us.


2. In the Project Rescue 3/9 Program, the member resides in one of our apartments for his first 3 months. 


3. The in-house phase of his program is a time for spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional restoration and healing.


4. The first thing we do when he arrives is separate the member from his phone and phone number.  This strategy is to separate him from his negative friends.  He is also not allowed to have the internet.


5. In the 3.9 Program, he is allowed to have 1 visit a month. 

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