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Every man who enters our care is caught in a cycle of relapse.  Relapse is a harsh and deadly reality of addiction that must be broken!

We do not do detox.  However, when a man arrives, he is unstable for his first days, weeks, and sometimes months.  Whatever drug he is withdrawing from, he is going to feel afraid, anxious, empty inside, very weak, nauseated, and exhausted.  

He will want his drug of choice with every fiber of his being!  If he is coming off of alcohol and/or opiates, he will still be in some pain. 

If Methamphetamine was his drug of choice, his symptoms will be mental and emotional.  With this drug, he will display extremely erratic behavior for days and weeks.   

This is why a new member’s program is more restricted at first .   The objective is to keep him safe while his brain wakes up and heals.

When he arrives, we begin to address his greatest needs:

Reconciliation, Stabilization and Assimilation

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1. Reconciliation with God, family and society is a process we begin when he arrives.



2. Stabilization is a period to keep the man safe from harming himself with alcohol and drugs, while his brain heals.


This period lasts from 30 to 90 days.


This is a time of physical, emotional and mental stabilization.  


The amount of freedom a member enjoys in the stabilization period is determined by the degree of spiritual, mental and emotional stability he has attained.  He is also building up trust with the managers during this period.    



3. Assimilation is a period that begins in 30 to 90 days, when a member is stable enough to work a job in the community.


When he reaches this stage, he is allowed to work a job in the community.  


This stage will last for his first 6-months in the program.  


During this time he might be able to have his own vehicle to drive to and from work.  


When he completes 90 drug-free days, he might be eligible to have a debit card with up to $100 of his own money on it, so he can purchase his own wants and needs.  


After 90 days, he is also allowed to go off property with family members (but not over-night).  When he receives these freedoms, is determined by his attitude and spiritual growth.



When the program member reaches 6 months without a relapse, he enters a period of great freedom and responsibility.  At this point, he takes full control of his finances, he is able to visit home over-night, and he no longer has to text where he is going.  This is a time for testing his spiritual growth!


As a member receives more freedoms in the program, the danger of a relapse is increased.  If/When he relapses, he loses all of his freedoms and has to start over on time in the program.  This is why we exhort and warn every member to diligently follow our proven relapse strategies.

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