Leaving the Project Rescue Program is the most dangerous time for a relapse.  This is why we want the member to experience a lot of freedom in his second six months in the program.  


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To prevent relapse, when a member graduates, he must replicate the level of support & accountability he had in the in-house program.  


1. When the program member reaches 6 months without a relapse, he enters a period of great freedom and responsibility.  At this point, he takes full control of his finances, he is able to visit home over-night, and he no longer has to text where he is going.  This is a time for testing his spiritual growth!


2. During this time, we urge him set up a support (friendship & accountability) system for when he graduates.


3. He needs a group of supportive friends who will help him continue on the road of recovery.


4. He needs an accountability friend.  This needs to be someone other than a family member, who he trusts and respects.  It needs to be a man who is knowledgeable about addiction recovery. This is who will drug/alcohol test him if it is necessary.

If/When a graduate relapses, we accept him back into the program.