The Road Of Recovery Awaits

Image result for relapse prevention strategies bannerRelapse is a harsh reality of addiction recovery.  The struggling addict’s vicious cycle of relapse must be broken.  He must become sick and tired of being sick and tired of how his addiction is ruining his life.


Reconciliation with God, family and society is a process we begin when the member arrives. 

The Road Of Recovery Awaits

1. Our first objective is to extract the addicted man from his negative environment (from anywhere in the US) and insert him into a positive environment with us.

2. The first thing we do when he arrives is separate him from his phone and phone number.  This strategy is to separate him from his negative friends.

3. We do not separate a member from his family.  We allow him to have a restricted phone that will only call family and staff, and will not get the internet.

4. He is allowed to have visits from family.

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