Assimilation is a period that begins in 30 to 90 days, when a member is more stable.


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Periods of abstinence alone will not break the recovering addict’s cycle of relapse.  He must grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually!


1. The assimilation period begins with helping him find a job he likes that will lead him to financial independence.  This prevents relapse by enhancing his hope.


2. He is encouraged to take responsibility for his own care and pay his own bills.  This raises his self-esteem.


3. The freedoms he receives during this period, are determined by his attitude and spiritual growth.


4. During this time he might be able to have his own vehicle to drive to and from work.  


5. When he completes 90 drug-free days, he might be eligible to have a debit card with up to $100 of his own money on it, so he can purchase his own wants and needs.


6. After 90 days, he is also allowed to go off property with family members (but not over-night). 


7. To prevent relapse, he must learn to experience and enjoy life without being intoxicated.


As a member receives more freedoms in the program, the danger of a relapse is increased.  If/When he relapses, he loses all of his freedoms and has to start over on time in the program.  This is why we exhort and warn every member to diligently follow our proven relapse strategies.

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